Pivotal Hire


Robyn McIntire is a technical recruiter for Los Angeles area tech startups. When she founded her own recruiting company, Pivotal Hire, she came to me for her website and branding.

Robyn & many of her clients are based out of LA's west side (an area known as ‘Silicon Beach’), so we used a flyover video clip of the Santa Monica promenade to open her site. We added photos of classic Los Angeles landmarks and locations, tinted with Robyn's new eggplant brand colors.


Logo & Branding


Robyn knew she wanted her logo to reference connection - I used the 'O' in ‘Pivotal’ as the center of connecting nodes, creating a feeling of balance.

Modern sans-serif fonts feel forward-thinking and align with the font choices of the tech companies that Robyn works with. An elegant subdued eggplant works well as a slightly quirky off-neutral.